MOONLIGHT MAG 2019                  

An Interview with
Lana Licata.

Who is Lana Licata?
Dog loving, art adoring, almond eating, coffee drinking, cheetah wearing, sun soaking,....

Where are you from and what inspires you?
I’m from Southern California...Orange County, but please don’t make any judgements from that! haha There are a whole mix of people down there.  
There are many things that inspire me. My parents, who supported any crazy idea I threw at them, my sister who succeeds at everything she puts her mind to, my friends who make amazing work and push me to be better, my dog, obviously who should be included in the family section, who loves me regardless and shows me how crazy and wonderful life is, many artists, but in particular older artists, who have created work their entire life, the moon, cheetah print, coffee, traveling, so many things!

What’s the last song you listened to?
Hmm I don’t even know. My playlist has been all over the place lately since I’ve been spending so much time in the studio...from E-40(my roommate has been blasting his stuff at home and I can’t get enough of it) to NPR, to David Bowie, to Charles Bradley, to T-Rex, to Madonna, to Wicked Poseur, to Black Flag which led me to listen to Henry Rollins stand up and other intense talks he does.

Major influences?
Old classy women who dress so spectacularly with their big fur coats, long cigarettes, and strut their stuff or drag queens that are just so outrageously beautiful and dogs.

Shout outs to any artist/artists?
I could give you a yearbook full of amazing artists that are also my greatest friends...I’ll start with my oldest art friends, Austyn de Lugo and Nancy Johnson, to new ones that I’ve met in the bay; Hannah Van de Water, Willy Reed, Olivia Krause, Megan Reed, Maria Guzman, Genevra Peyser, Sidney Stretz, Ben Quinn, Matthan Cowart, Patrick Gainer, Sophie Knight, Woodrow White, and Dana Lamb, my uncle who is the first artist that inspired me, and lastly my mom who is going back to her passion of photography.  I know I’m missing some! I just really love my community.

How do you feel about gallerys
closing in san francisco?

I think it’s really devastating. I don’t want to speak to intensely, but it’s really sad to me that the city is loosing so many galleries that have been around many years, or not. It makes you believe the city and the people in it do not value art they once did.  Not that I expect everyone to love and honor art entirely, it just so important and seeing so much art in schools and the city being lost is really sad.  

How do you feel about the art scene
currently in the bay?

I don’t mean to be too negative, but I think it’s really lacking.  I think there are a lot of people making good work, but as far as community or work being shown, I feel it is really lacking. Don’t get me wrong there are good shows here, but I think they are far outweighed by the bad ones. In comparison to stuff I’ve seen happening in New York or LA, it seems like people are putting a lot less on the lines and not taking many risks.

If you could be a superhero, what would be your super strength?
I think if I could have any power it would be to speak every language. Languages are so beautiful and I am fascinated how they don’t directed translate. That’s probably a lame thing to say, but to be able to connect on that level with anyone in world and to be able to make that many different sounds that each language has would be so amazing...Oh and also to be able to stop time, so I could travel all over the world to use my other power of knowing all these languages. That’s two, but one needs the other.... Haha

What’s one of your favorite paintings?
That’s pretty impossible for me to answer...

artwork by @lanalicata