MOONLIGHT MAG 2019                  

An Interview with the Hot Flash Heat Wave.

Location: Bay Area

Who is in Hot Flash Heat Wave?
HFHW is Nathaniel Blum, Adam Abildgaard, Ted
Davis and Nick Duffy.

Where are you guys from and how
did you guys
We live in San Francisco, but we all met in Davis
where we went to high school together.

What’s the last song you listened to?

How do you feel about the music scene currently in San Francisco?

It’s a popular thing right now amongst musicians
and media to shit talk the scene here but in the end
what can you do? We focus on making good music
and connecting with all the rad people who are
still here, rather than dwelling on what the scene is

Pizza or Tacos?
Indian Pizza from this place Zante’s in the Mission.
It’s basically pizza on Naan bread with curry and
veggies WOW

Are you guys working a new album ?
Yeah, we have a full length LP that we have
been releasing singles from. We are still figuring
out how we want to release it, but it should be out
within the next few months.

Why the Name Hot Flash Heat Wave?
‘Hot Flash Heat Wave’ has an energy to it that
we feel reflects the vibe of our music. It came from
an older project and just stuck as our band evolved
into todays form.

Major influences?
Santo & Johnny, The Beach Boys, Toro y Moi, The
Beatles, Mac Demarco, The Strokes to name a few.

Shout outs to any artist?
Shout out to Happy Diving, we bump your cassette
in our car all the time.

Slayer or Metallica ?
Metallica, Kill ‘em All ;)