MOONLIGHT MAG 2019                  

An Interview with
Alex Wall.

Why did you make the great leap to NYC?
I never really felt like I was meant to live in Australia, my family is American and I was born in California. So when The band I was touring with ( Bleeding Knees Club ), stopped being a band, and I had no desire to stay in Australia. I always loved NY every time I went there and I had some good music friends that lived there so I kind of just got a ticket there and didn’t come back home for 2 years.

How are the goth chicks in NYC?
Pretty dark and moody. I went to this goth club a while back in the east village and there was this goth table dancer in those massive rave pants getting down to some dark rave music on top of the table I was drinking at. It was a little slice of heaven

Do you feel that you’ve grown with the release of your second solo album?
Yeah, its actually my 3rd solo record now. Memory Painting just came out. I was pretty tired of the whole surf punk, fun pop, punk pop vibe. Its a pretty over polluted scene right now, especially in California.
So, I made a conscious effort to try do something a bit more layered musically and move into a different direction. I have been real honest with the new record with my lyrics. I used to cover up sad songs and lyrics with fun pop music over the top. But this record is kind of dark at moments, and more mature musically and lyrically i think.

What track signifies how you feel at the moment?
Man I feel like a woman by Shania Twain

Have you ever considered a face tattoo?
I don’t have any tattoos. Sometimes I feel like maybe I could start with a face tattoo, like a tattoo of a kid sliding down my nose would be pretty tight.

Who is your favorite novelist ?
I don’t really have a favourite novelist. But I read a good book called, “The 100 Year old man who jumped out the window and disappeared”. It was a read good book, id recommend it.

What do you think about American Politics ?
Its kinda like a bad MTV reality show. I don’t know, I try stay away from politics.

Did you ever thinking about shooting
a gun into the river ?

I think about shooting guns all the time. Mainly when I’m in line waiting for food or something and am surrounded by idiots.

Catchiest song at the moment ?
I have been listening to the new Fat white family record a bunch. Whose the whitest boy on the beach is pretty catchy. The whole records awesome.

Do you think size matters?
You gotta have big rims, at least 40inch rims.

Does you consider your music to be a mixture of goth and punk culture?
I don’t really see the goth in my music. But I’d say there is punk in it for sure. I’d like to be more goth but capes and purple hair highlights don’t really suit me.

How’s your zine coming along?
yeah I finished a zine called Hello World a few months ago and put it out. It was just drawings and art from my sketch books form the last few years. Im going to try do a Photo zine soon hopefully..

“Baseball cap on backwards” has to be one of lyrics that made an impact on me, how do you feel about it a couple of years later?
yeah i still like that Lyric. That was the first song we ever played live and wrote. So that song means a bunch to me.

Are Bleeding Knees Club due for a
reunion anytime soon?

I actually have written a bunch of cool stuff that could be a BKC release. I want to do it real bad, but its kind of hard when there are others involved. Fingers crossed I get to put the new songs out cause I think they are pretty rad.

You’re the complete artist now right? You’ve managed to become a musician  designer and zine writer. What’s next on your journey?
haha, I think id be maybe a 2 on the complete artist scale of 1-10. I’ve been working at photo studios for the last 2 years and have been taking a bunch of photos so that what I’m getting into at the moment. Dying your pubes and hanging used condoms from the walls seems to be the kind of art thats popular at the moment so maybe I’m doing it all wrong.

Interview by : Jonathan Garcia in Chicago, IL
artwork by @alexrwall