MOONLIGHT MAG 2019                  

An Interview with 
Ben Quinn.

Who is Ben Quinn?
Ben Quinn is a dude who makes art and has a good laugh on the Internet.

How old are you?

Where are you from?
Dayton, OH

When did you first get into Art?
Since I was a kid I’ve always been painting and drawing, but it was somewhere in the early teenage years where it clicked like, this is the thing that I really love to do, this is where I can really be myself.

How did you go about creating your art?
Starting with my first “paintings”ever which were very bad and Pollock-like in nature, it was always an Abstract Expressionist mode of thinking. Just kind of making marks and throwing paint and whatever. Years later, it’s still about freedom and sharing experiences pictorially, good and bad. I try to incorporate the life of the artist into the work. Things I think are funny, pictures of toilets, reptilians, etc.

What’s the San Francisco Art scene like ?
There’s a lot of good underground funk I think, although I haven’t seen much of it in a cube . Tbh I live in Oakland so I don’t go out enough in SF but I’ve seen some good shows here for sure. Smaller venues like the Ladybug House and some survey shows Andres Guerrero put on caught my attention.

Who are some bands you are listening to?
I’ve been listening to a few bands on rotation. The Body, Full of Hell, Magrudergrind, etc. A few local bands I dig are Cumstain and Infinite Waste. Two very good Oakland bands.

Tell me more about your themes in your work?
I think the themes in my work deal with existential pain, paranormal shit, and funny observational humor. I’m super into aliens and the Illuminati and underground reality and all that, and this information gets compressed and abstracted through certain combinations of gestures and images. When I step back from it, it seems to be a lot about “feelings” or vibes, reading between lines through different lenses.  

I heard you play the drums, tell me about that?
I’ve been playing drums as long as I’ve been painting, so like half my life probably. They’re another expressionist tool I use to turn my energy into something. I’ve played in a bunch of different bands, all super fun. Writing music and playing shows is definitely an important part of my life.

artwork by @ben__quinn