MOONLIGHT MAG 2019                  

An Interview with  futureshapes.

Who is future shapes?
That has a weird answer. Future Shapes is me: Fil Cala. For many reasons, I’ve never liked writing music under my own name so I use that moniker. Though, Future Shapes live is a different animal than what you encounter online. My friends help me fill out the live band and they do an amazing job at putting themselves into it, their own personal touch on the songs. So live Future Shapes is a lot more than just me. There have been some other iterations of Future Shapes, but currently we are: Fil Cala (Guitar/Vocals), Melina Duterte (Bass), Steven Johnsrude (Guitar), and Peter Svetlichny (Drums).

Where are you from?
I was born in San Jose, CA. For the most part, I was also raised there. Though, I’ve lived in a few other places.

When did you first get into music?
My mom grew up listening to bands like the Police, Bowie, and the Ramones. Then my sister grew up on bands like the Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, and Beck. I’ve always been around good music. The moment I started actively listening to music and actually searching for new music was probably after I heard the Strokes’ Is This It? for the first time. I know that’s probably a really cliché thing to say--the Strokes changed how I looked at music--but finding them made me hungry to find more. I’m still thankful for it.

work by @sailordune

How did you go about writing your music?
Usually in a dark and cramped space, under my desk--maybe. I have a few looping pedals that I play around with and basically just jam with myself until something works out. Sometimes I do that. Sometimes a little idea will pop in my head and I’ll sit down, play it out and see what happens. Every once in a while I get lucky and an entire song plays itself out in my head while I’m walking around the city. Only sometimes--it varies. I just like it to be spontaneous and organic.

What’s the San Francisco music scene like ?
I’m from the Bay Area so I’ve seen how the San Francisco music scene has changed over the years. It fluctuates. There have been years where I really felt like nothing good was happening here; there were no bands I could get into and venues were closing down left

and right. Right now is a really exciting time for music in San Francisco. There are a lot of up and coming bands that are blowing me away with their music.

Are you working on new material?
Yeah, I’m always working on new material! I have a couple albums worth of demos recorded on my computer. I have a few other tunes I’ve been playing around with. I’m always experimenting.

Who are some bands you are listening to?
The two bands I’m heavily listening to lately are Jay Som and Mothers.