MOONLIGHT MAG 2019                  

An Interview
with Peach Pit.

Who is Peach Pit?
Peach Pit is a group of four goofballs who love playing rock and roll ::)

What’s something cool about Vancouver?
You can tell Vancouver is cool cause of the way it is!

What was the inspiration for starting Peach Pit?
Neil had been in a band for a few years prior to peach pit and wanted to start something new. He had shown Chris a couple new songs in the making and it sparked a desire to put a new group together, 1 month later peach pit was born.

What is the the recording process like?
Our recording process is pretty simple, all of our tunes are recorded live off the floor. We all plug in and play together to a metronome and then over dub the vocals. We just like the classic feel of a live recorded album. And it’s SO much faster haha.

Are you a Bruce Springsteen fan?
YES! Love me some Bruce

photos courtesy of Peach Pit Instagram, all credit on instagram. @peachpit17

interviewed by alexander roman @cutebanana

What’s the most interesting instrument you’ve gotten a chance to play?
Theremin for sure. 

Are you guys currently working on new music?
We are currently in the middle of writing our second album.

I really like the music video seventeen, where does Neil Smith  get his dance moves from?
He gets his moves from his dad.

What’s a really good album that came out this year 2018? 

ye. It’s a grower but gosh darn it what a beauty

You guys are on tour right now? What’s the best thing about being on the road? 

Being on the road is so great because you have your work cut out for you. You show up to a venue, set up your gear, play the show, go to sleep and do the same thing the next day. I don’t have to sit around trying to figure out my purpose in life and how to be productive haha. Tour is great ::)

What’s your fav song at the moment? 

Fave song: Highland Grace by Hiss Golden Messenger

Who is the funniest band member and have them tell us a joke?

Mikey is by far the funniest. He’s not with me right now but if you go on our Instagram story you’ll catch jokes from him on a daily basis.

What are you excited about?
We have a couple hilarious videos coming out in the near future. Not music videos. You’ll have to wait and see, you should be excited.

-Peachy Pete